Natural Decoration

Comb Rock M
Comb Rock

ideal decoration

Himalaya Rock M
Himalaya Rock

very durable

Madeira Rock M
Madeira Rock

natural look

Elephant Rock M
Elephant Rock

simply gigantic

Glimmer Rock S
Glimmer Rock

glimmering effect

Pagoda Rock S
Pagoda Rock

layered structure

Red Jasper
Red Jasper

mineral blaze of colour

Picture Jasper
Picture Jasper

unusual accents

Zebra Stone
Zebra Stone

unique rocks

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz


Petrified Wood S
Petrified Wood

ideal for aquascaping

Black Slate S

appears high-quality a...

Rainbow Stone

rich in variants

Cavity Rocks Asian M
Cavity Rocks Asian

Bizarre shape

Island Lava M
Island Lava

ingenious structure

Lava with holes M
Lava with holes

light volcanic rock

Grotto Lava
Grotto Lava

individually combinable

Grotto Ceramic
Grotto Ceramic

create mysterious hidi...

Grotto Ceramic Puzzle
Grotto Ceramic Puzzle

ideal rooting base

Sea Shells Set S
Sea Shells Set

perfect homes

Aqua-Cave S

very durable

Mangrove Wood XS
Mangrove Wood

absolutely unique

Mopani XS

natural underwater world

Fingerwood S


Fingerwood S, dark
Fingerwood, dark

Humic acid free of charge