Tropic Fit

250 ml (Item No.:51156)

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Enriches the water with valuable humic and tannic substances. The resulting clear, slightly yellowish colouring of the water acts as an algae preventative. Tropic Fit promotes well-being, intense colours and the readiness to bread of your fish. It is pH value neutral and regulates trace element levels.

  • high-grade peat extracts create crystal-clear blackwater as you would find in nature
  • humic acids and natural tannins promote the health of the aquarium inhabitants and increase their vitality and rich colouring
  • 100 % natural without chemical additives
  • ensures stable pH value and reduces stress in the aquarium
  • reduces the risk of an algae outbreak in the aquarium due to “sunglass” effect* an ideal support when familiarising, caring and breeding blackwater

Instructions for use and dosage:
Dosing: 20 ml for every 100 l of aquarium water,follow-up dosing after around one week.
Note: The humic substances filter short-wave light from the water;it is on this that the algae-inhibiting effect is based on.

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