Algo Wipe

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Product details

The new Algo Wipe is THE product you need to clean the panes of glass in your aquarium. But Algo Wipe is also a very quick and efficient way of cleaning other items, such as filters, heating rods and aquarium decorations. This is made possible by a special fibre in the glove. The added feature of the algae scraper on the index finger also makes light work of removing more stubborn stains and grime. Also suitable for left-handed persons, thanks to the algae scraper on both sides of the index finger. Say goodbye to the problem of cleaning nooks and corners which are difficult to reach because even these areas can be cleaned easily thanks to the high elasticity and the fingertip access. Even plants with large leaves can be freed of algae with a gentle cleaning action.

  • effortless removal of algae and other deposits from aquarium glass
  • algae scraper on index finger for added abrasion on stubborn dirt and grime
  • efficient cleaning of instruments and decorations in the aquarium
  • for use with plenty of water when working outside the aquarium

Rinse carefully with lukewarm water after use and allow to dry.

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