Mulm X

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Product details

Water change made easy!

With the Mulm X every water change is child's play. The variable suction cup with suction depth control and a separating chamber for sediment and substrate enables perfect ground care. In the upper separation chamber of the Mulm X, the gravel is separated from the sediment. The gravel falls back to the ground and the sediment is sucked off with the water. The substrate is only cleaned and aerated to the depth that the lateral feed slots remain visible. Bacterial cultures as well as mineral and organic components, which are so important for plant growth, are not extracted. The lateral slots in the bell also prevent the bell from being sucked into the bottom of the aquarium. For perfect ground care while changing the water at the same time. Mulm X can optionally also be used to simply change the water without cleaning the substrate. Due to the variable hose inlet connection, it is possible to work either with the 9/12 mm hose included in the scope of delivery or alternatively with a 12/16 mm hose. The Mulm X suction cup can be used universally in any aquarium and has a total of 10 different application levels. The Mulm X can be completely dismantled and is easy to clean. It is entirely made from water-neutral plastic and can therefore easily also be used in marine water aquaria.

Product benefits at a glance:

  • ideal for all aquarium types (fresh and marine water) and sizes thanks to the adjustable sediment bell height
  • will not clog thanks to special separation chamber for separating of sediment and substrate
  • also suitable for sandy bottoms
  • unique sediment bell shape prevents it from attaching itself to the bottom of the aquarium
  • includes a 1.50 m aquarium hose 9/12 mm - also suitable for 12/16 mm hoses
  • particularly gentle on the ground; nutrients as well as mineral and organic components in the deeper layers of the ground are preserved

Hint: With a tube holder, e.g. Tube Holder you can easily attach the tube to a bucket or other container. So everything stays dry.


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