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The devil of a glas pane cleaner
Thanks to its 11 flexible cleaning fins, the Alg-Devil cleans the very same spot several times in just one move. Even persistent algae have no chance. Simply screwing off the handle allows for a total disassembly for cleaning purposes. The flexible fins rule out scratching of the panes or damage to the silicone bonding. The Alg-Devil consists completely of water-neutral plastic material and can therefore also be used in marine water aquariums without any problems. Just a clear view everywhere!

Attention: Take care that no pebbles get caught between the fins. Otherwise, these small stones could damage or scratch the glass panes. To remove pebbles, just flip through the fins from bottom to top.

  • plural cleaning in just one move due to 11 flexible cleaning fins
  • no scratching of glass pane
  • no damaging of silicone joints
  • for fresh and sea water aquariums alike
  • easy to use

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