Easy Net S

8 cm (Item No.:60710)

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The Easy Net provides several substantial advantages compared to normal aquaria fish nets. Thanks to an air chamber inside the scoop, the Easy Net always floats on the surface, which means one doesn't have to dunk his entire arm into the water if he loses hold of the net accidently. The extra soft netting goes easy on the delicate mucous membranes of fish and is ideally suited to gently catch sensitive shrimp and crabs from the aquarium. The Easy Net's black coloring facilitates the recovery of aquarium inhabitants considerably. Many animals do not perceive the black coloring well. If the net is kept still, many a fish will even take it for a cave to retreat into. Catching cannot be any easier than this. Especially rounded corners make for best catching results. The netting is embedded into the frame thus tearing of the net or snagging on the corners is prevented. All in all: truly Easy!

The product's advantages at a glance:

  • floats on the surface, sinking virtually impossible
  • extra soft netting is gentle to fish, crabs and shrimp
  • black coloring of net facilitates catching of animals
  • especially rounded corners make for best catching results
  • embedded net prevents ripping out and snagging

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