Planaria X

Planaria Trap (Item No.:61345)

Product details

Planaria (platyhelminthes), also known as turbellaria or flatworms, are unwelcome guests in an aquarium, some of which can even pose a threat to nursling fish. Owing to their nocturnal lifestyle, the presence of these pests quite often goes completely unnoticed. These animals can multiply in huge numbers, which can ultimately result in an infestation. In fresh water aquaria their victims include moulting shrimps, small shrimps and their offspring, but also weak animals, juvenile fish and eggs. Flatworms can also live in marine water aquaria, however, large numbers of which can cause damage to corals and other animals. Virtually all available chemical additives not only harm the planaria, but also the sensitive residents of an aquarium. The Planaria X removes these pests from the aquarium reliably and without using any chemical additives. Attracted by the bait provided, the planaria creep into the trap through one of the 8 openings and cannot escape again owing to the special design.
Hint: Planaria X Special Bait is ideal for use as bait. If you should not have any on hand, frozen foods such as red mosquito larvae or mysis will also work.

Product benefits at a glance

  • extremely simple and effective method of catching planaria
  • no chemical additives are used
  • only planaria are removed thanks to the special design
  • includes two special baits for immediate use

Using Planaria X:

  1. Remove the lid of the trap.
  2. Open the capsule of the enclosed Planaria X Special Bait and scatter some in the trap.
  3. Close the trap and fill it with water from the aquarium.
  4. Position the Planaria X anywhere on the base of the aquarium with the 8 openings facing downwards.
  5. When planaria can be seen in the trap, clean out the trap and refill it with bait.


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