Flora Stone 1

4 x 13 cm (Item No.:51530)

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Natural-looking and deceptively realistic artificial aquarium plants. The self-supporting artificial plants with their decorative ceramic bases lend themselves perfectly to adding beautiful design elements to an aquarium, even if only very little or no substrate is available. Placing several Flora Stones close together results in a very naturalistic appearance. The lifelike artificial plants move with the current in the aquarium just as a real plant would. You are therefore providing your aquarium fish with places to hide and points of reference to help them establish their territory. Particularly well suited to bass aquaria and cold-water aquaria.

Hint: In order to prevent algae problems, a few natural plants should always be placed in the aquarium.

  • natural-looking reproductions of aquarium plants
  • highly suitable for aquaria with little or no available substrate
  • no impact on the chemistry or clarity of the water
  • decorative ceramic base ensures excellent stability and lends a natural appearance

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