Bacteria Fit

250 ml (Item No.:51140)

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Bacteria Fit contains numerous live nitrificants, without which an operation of the aquarium would not be possible in the first place. Nitrificants are essential for converting the toxic metabolic products ammonia and nitrite into nontoxic nitrate. Bacteria Fit not only reduces the biologi­cal start up-phase of an aquarium but also supports and stabilises the long-term biological equilibrium.

  • biological decomposition of food remains, ammonia and nitrite
  • high yield
  • better cleaning performance of filter thanks to living bacteria
  • promotes clear water
  • promotes biological balance in aquarium and creates stable water values
  • increases well-being of fish, shrimps and other aquarium inhabitants
  • supports filter after filter maintenance or water changes
  • Zeolite purifies the water and offers a settling space for useful purification bacteria
  • enlarges biologically active living environment

Instructions for use and dosage:
Setting up: 50 - 100 ml for every 100 l of aquarium water
Nitrite poisoning: 100 ml for every 100 litres every 2nd day until nitrite isbelow 0.1 mg/ l. Do not feed during this time.
Complete filter cleaning: 50 ml for every 100 l.
For partial filter cleaning or water replacement: 20 ml for every 100 l.

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