60 x 30 cm (Item No.:31200)

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100 x 50 cm


120 x 50 cm

Product details

The HOBBY Frosty self-adhesive photo back is particularly easy to apply from the outside and requires no additional adhesive. It transforms a normal, glossy aquarium back wall pane into a frosted glass pane, which particularly highlights the plants in scaped aquaria. The robust self-adhesive film for your aquarium is dirt & water repellent and can be removed without leaving any residue. Your fish will feel visibly more comfortable.

Product benefits at a glance: * converts a normal back wall pane into a frosted glass pane * particularly easy to apply, as it is self-adhesive * no additional adhesive on the back wall necessary * no darkening effect caused by the air space between film and glass pane * plants are shown off at their best * dirt & water repellent * can be removed without leaving any residue

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