1.000 g, 5 - 8 mm (Item No.:20055)

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10 kg, 8 - 16 mm


500 g, 5 - 8 mm

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A solid natural stone which contains many pores, cavities and channels. Zeolith works in an adsorptive manner, i.e. environmental toxins and decayed products are directly attracted and retained by the system of cavities through strong electro-static fields. Zeolith encourages the formation of natural bacteria and Microbes and acts as an ion-exchanger and catalytic converter. A very practical reccomandation is to put the filter material in the HOBBY Net filter bag.

  • works adsorptively, i.e. environmental toxins are electrostatic attracted to the cavities where they are then retained
  • lowers the phosphate content
  • stores excess nutrients and decaying products in microscopic pores
  • promotes a rapid formation of a bacterial culture, which quickly depletes organic contaminants
  • regulates the biological equilibrium, clarifies and detoxifies the water
  • 1 kg Zeolith works for approximately 3 months in a 500 l aquarium with an average number of fish

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