Aqua Cooler Control

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The temperature in an aquarium is absolutely crucial for an animal's well-being.Most aquarium inhabitants only feel comfortable in temperatures from 24 - 26° C. This temperature should be maintained as precisely as possible.In contrast, temperatures of over 30° C and high temperature fluctuations often present problems for many plants and animals, and can weaken and harm them.Lighting, pumps, room temperature and solar radiation mean that the temperature in an aquarium can increase beyond healthy levels.With the help of aquarium coolers (i.e. Aqua Cooler V2, V4 or V6) it is possible to reduce a high temperature to a healthy level. The temperature in the aquarium is reduced with cooling by evaporation. The Aqua Cooler Control was specially developed for use in conjunction with HOBBY Aqua Coolers and controls these precisely to the degree. The integrated sensor measures the temperature in the aquarium and also shows the temperature on the controller's digital display precisely to 1° C. With an adjustment range of 1 - 40° C and three programmable speed, levels you can adjust the HOBBY Aqua Cooler to your aquarium's needs.Simply connect the Aqua Cooler Control via a plug connection (DC 5/2 mm) to the HOBBY Aqua Cooler V2, V4 or V6, attach the sensor to any location within the aquarium, configure the desired temperature, and you're done!

  • specially developed for use in conjunction with HOBBY Aqua Coolers
  • controls and measures the aquarium temperature precisely to 1° C
  • digital display makes it particularly easy to read and operate
  • adjustment range from 1 - 40° C and three programmable speed levels
  • simply connect the HOBBY Aqua Cooler V2, V4 or V6 via a plug connection

Note: The HOBBY Aqua Cooler Control was specially developed for use in conjunction with the HOBBY Aqua Cooler V2, V4 and V6. We cannot guarantee that it will function with external devices due to differing voltages.

Technical data for controller:
Input power: 12 V / max. 2 A
Output power: 12 V / max. 2A
Watt: max. 24 W
Operating voltage: 12 V DC via the power supply of the cooling fan used
Temperature display range: 0 - 50° C
Temperature control range: 0 - 40° C
Temperature display accuracy: 1° C
Temperature control accuracy: +/-0.1° C
Temperature sensor tolerance: +/- 0.5 ° C
Plug connection: DC 5/2 mm
Length of sensor cable: 1.2 m
Length of connection cable: 0.4 m

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