Bubble Air Pump 100

for 50 - 100 l (Item No.:00690)

Product variants

Bubble Air Pump 150

for 80 - 150 l

Bubble Air Pump 300

for 100 - 300 l

Bubble Air Pump 400

for 200 - 400 l

Product details

The Bubble Air Pump aquarium air pump provides your aquarium with additional life-sustaining oxygen. Thanks to its high-performance, durable membrane construction, the low-noise aquarium air pump is designed for optimum convenience and different applications. Please also see our website for a wide range of air diffuser stones, flexi-diffusers, Color Air Stones, diffusers with LED lighting, air tubes and distributors as well as other useful accessories. The vibration-reducing rubber feet help to minimise resonance and so keep the noise level low. The Bubble Air Pump is also equipped with a suspension option for wall mounting. The Bubble Air Pump is available in four versions.

Product benefits at a glance:

  • extremely quiet due to sound-absorbing housing
  • vibration-reducing rubber feet for smooth running
  • powerful and durable diaphragm for continuous operation
  • with suspension option for wall mounting
  • for aquaria of 50 - 100 l
  • 2.8 W; 1.8 l/min

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