pH KH FIT plus

250 ml (Item No.:51164)

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To increase the carbonate hardness and pH value. Prevents dangerous pH value oscillations. Acts immediately without clouding. For fresh and marine water.

  • safely raises carbonate hardness and stabilises pH value
  • ensures appropriate conditions for fish and invertebrates, promoting their well-being
  • prevents dangerous fluctuations in the pH value (sudden drop in acidity) by raising the carbonate hardness in the aquarium
  • works immediately without clouding the water

Instructions for use and dosage:
20 ml increases the carbonate hardness of 100 l aquarium water by 1° KH. For a community aquarium we recommend a carbonate hardness of 4 - 7° KH. Please take into account any deviating requirements of your fish. Distribute the required amount evenly over the water surface or at the filter outlet.
Note: Many metabolic processes constantly consume carbonate hardness;for raw water with a low carbonate hardness, adding pH KH Fit plus atregular intervals may therefore make sense.

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