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Catappa Bark - Natural by nature!

The leaves and bark of catappa have been widely used in aquariums in Asian countries for a long time already. Owners and breeders of various fish and animals such as fighting fish, discus, shrimp, crawfish and pecostomus use the leaves and bark for the treatment of bacterial ailments, and also to heal injuries of fish, such as bites or transportation wounds. The risk of wound infections is tremendously decreased when our catappa leaves and catappa bark pieces are being used. The effect of catappa bark is similar to that of catappa leaves (Catappa Leaves), but considerably stronger. The comprised humic acid and tanning agents strengthen the mucous membranes of the fish and make it difficult for bacterial pathogens to permeate this protection. Likewise, the bark pieces are conducive to the reproduction and breeding of your fish. On the one hand, they promote the mating disposition of your fish, on the other they reduce fungi spawn. Even the growth of blue algae (cyanobacteria) will be inhibited by the compounds. It is remarkable, too, that the bacteria useful to the aquarium are verifiably not impaired. When transporting fish, it is strongly recommended to a add a small piece of catappa bark or catappa leaves to the water used. This decreases the susceptibility and stress significantly which the animals experience from the high concentrations of bacteria. You may as well condition your fresh water with our catappa bark pieces before you conduct a water change. This helps reduce stress for you fish. By releasing humic acids and tanning agents, catappa bark creates a natural surrounding and increases the vitality and well-being of your aquarium inhabitants. It is good to know that the retrieval of the bark, no tree is being harmed nor perished.

  • promotes the vitality and well-being of your animals
  • originates from the natural environment of your shrimps and fish
  • supports your shrimps' moult
  • indispensable for many species
  • have astringent properties
  • contain numerous natural substances that have a positive effect on the water and the fish
  • strengthen the creatures' endogenous defence systems and reduce their stress

Usage: Put a piece of bark directly into the aquarium. One piece of catappa bark is sufficient for approx. 100 l of water. The bark will sink to the bottom of the aquarium in a little while. Should you need a fast disposal of the active ingredients, infuse the catappa bark quickly in hot water. Usually, the active agents in our catappa bark are released to the water during a period of approx. 3 weeks. After that, you may introduce a fresh piece to the aquarium. The used catappa bark piece can remain in the aquarium as additional feed or hide-out for crustaceans and shrimps, or may be discarded. If you use catappa bark in addition to catappa leaves, please consider this when determining the dosage. Catappa bark can be kept for an indefinite period of time if stored at a dry place. Since it is a purely natural product, changes in form, color and size may occur.


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