(Item No.:43010)

Product details

  • the HOBBY pH Electrode was developed for continuous measurement of the ph value in the aquarium
  • high quality plastic pH electrode
  • suitable for practically all commercially available pH measuring and control devices thanks to a BNC connection
  • not refillable
  • suitable for fresh and marine water

Success is measurable... for everyone
As of now, HOBBY offers a new series of controllers, which should also be interesting for the aquaristic newcomer. With the new pH-Control and the new HOBBY pH electrode, HOBBY offers a reliable duo in the entry-level price segment. The pH-Control , is a microprocessor-controlled pH controller that makes it possible to measure and regulate the pH value precisely. With its options, such as night shut-off, six-week calibration reminder and visible pH alarm, it is suitable for many purposes. With the robust HOBBY plastic pH electrode, you get accurate values from all aquarium-relevant locations, such as freshwater and saltwater. The second device on board is the Biotherm. With its microprocessor control, it not only allows you to measure the temperature, but can also regulate it. And not only upwards, thanks to the inversion function it is possible to heat the aquarium with a heater or to lower the temperature with a cooler (e.g.: the HOBBY Aqua Cooler V2/4). All in all, something for everyone!

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