Cork Trunk 1

9 x 7 x 33,5 cm (Item No.:41745)

Product variants

Cork Trunk 2

9,5 x 6,5 x 21 cm

Cork Trunk 3

14 x 11,5 x 51 cm

Product details

The Cork Trunk is a beautiful decoration in natural cork look with hiding places for aquarium and terrarium inhabitants.It can hardly be distinguished from real cork and is ideal for the natural design of aquaria and terraria. The perfect decoration and a great eye catcher. Its structure promotes the natural behaviour of animals.This decoration article is very durable and makes an absolute eye-catcher in any aquarium or terrarium.

Product benefits at a glance:

  • equally suitable for aquaria and terraria
  • looks deceptively real due to its particularly natural appearance
  • does not affect water chemistry or clarity
  • easy to clean

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