Crown Wood S

15 - 20 cm (Item No.:40470)

Product variants

Crown Wood M

20 - 30 cm

Crown Wood L

30 - 40 cm

Crown Wood XL

40 - 60 cm

Product details

These beautiful, natural roots are perfect for beautifying aquaria and terraria. The uniquely formed roots are sometimes reminiscent of the shape of crowns. Every single root is completely individual and unique. The roots, also called Madre de Cacao, are collected in Central America. Great care is taken to ensure that no living wood is taken from the forests. The naturally grown roots offer aquarium inhabitants a variety of hiding places and are excellent objects to climb in terraria. In aquaria, the roots release humic acid, which contributes to the well-being of the fish and promotes plant growth. It also inhibits the growth of algae. Crown woods also provide catfish with vital fibre. When planted with live plants, the aquarium or terrarium looks like a cut-out of nature. Crown woods are also ideal for rodents.

The advantages of the product at a glance:

  • natural roots for beautifying aquaria and terraria
  • handpicked, individual and unique roots
  • carefully selected and harvested from nature
  • release humic acid, which promotes the well-being of fish and inhibits algae growth
  • provides catfish with essential fibre
  • provide hiding places for aquarium inhabitants and climbing opportunities for terrarium animals
  • suitable for aquaria, terraria and rodents

Please note: Before the roots are placed in the aquarium, they should be soaked in a container until they sink.

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