Infraredlight Eco

28 W (Item No.:37580)

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The new Infraredlight Eco lamp is an ideal 24 hour heat source that also reliably supplies nocturnal animals with the required heat. The soft red shade of the lamp also permits observing the animals at night without disturbing them. Compared to conventional infrared light bulbs the new infrared halogen lamp saves around 30 % of energy. This is friendly to the environment as well as your purse.

Benefits of Infrared Eco:

  • particularly energy-efficient infrared halogen lamp with approx. 30 % energy savings as compared to conventional infrared bulbs
  • ideal as a 24 hour heat source and for nocturnal terrarium animals
  • can also be used for setting up a basking site for birds or rodents
  • allows observing the animals at night with disturbing them
  • encourages the natural behaviour and vitality in the animals in your care
  • tested quality with a long life of around 4,000 operating hours

Colour temperature 1,001 Kelvin
Colour rendition 62.6 Ra
Luminous flux 46.52 lm

Ceramic infrared dark radiator. Not a light source within the meaning of Regulation EU 2019/ 2015 Art. 2 para. 1. Special light source for reptiles. Not suitable for other applications. No labelling according to energy efficiency class necessary!

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