Ocean*/Ruby Lake

100 x 50 cm (Item No.:31220)

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Create a natural ambience for your fish with the adhesive high-gloss background photo. Visually enhance your aquarium or terrarium with a unique depth effect and let the backdrop inspire your landscaping endeavours.The self-adhesive photo backdrop is very easy to mount from the outside, and no additional adhesive is required.The aim is to allow the photo motif to stand out sharply without any dark areas between the film and the front pane, reflections or air bubbles detracting from the image.The colours of the fish begin to glow and plants shine in luscious shades of green. This strong and self-adhesive film for your aquarium is dirt and water-repellent and can be removed without leaving any residue if necessary.Your fish will feel visibly more at home.

  • extremely easy to attach as is self-adhesive* no additional adhesive required for the rear panel* photo motif stands out clearly, no dark areas between the film and the front pane* colours of the fish and plants appear stronger* dirt and water-repellent can be removed without leaving any residue

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