Aqua Control

Diffuser, 2 pcs. (Item No.:00980)

Product details

If you would like to enrich your aquarium with additional oxygen and protect your membrane pump against backflowing water, the Aqua Control aerator is right for you. The Aqua Control is a fine bubble aerator with an integrated safety valve (check valve) which protects the air pump or diaphragm pump from backflowing water. The robust plastic aerator impresses with its good workmanship and a long service life. It is suitable for use in fresh and marine water aquariums as well as for garden ponds. The Aqua Control adds movement to the water landscape. The many small bubbles enrich the aquarium water with oxygen, which has a positive effect on the aquarium.

Benefits at a glance: * integrated safety valve protects membrane pump against backflowing water * fine bubbles and robust plastic aerator * good workmanship and long service life * suitable for fresh and marine water aquaria & garden ponds * suitable for all commercial membrane pumps with a 4 / 6 mm air hose connection

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Aqua Control

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